DP series from 5000 kN to 90000 kN

The high-tech two-platen molding machine offering you a unique performance, for the production of large parts.

DP plaque de reçu de purge3


Clamping unit

  • 30% saving in floor space.
  • High rigidity platen design adapted to large molds, allowing excellent clamping distribution.
  • Tie bar free and rapid approach cylinders offer shorter closing and opening cycle times, smooth movement, greater energy savings and reduced maintenance.
  • High-pressure, short-stroke clamping cylinders optimize pressure build-up time and promote sensitive mold safety.
  • Contactless, magnetostrictive displacement sensors to measure the position of each tie bar.
  • The excellent guidance of the plates guarantees increased parallelism precision, reducing mold maintenance costs and improving the quality of the molded part.
  • Ejector design for user-friendly access.

Injection unit

  • The modular injection unit can be combined with different clamping units and different screw and cylinder assemblies offering a wide variety of injection solutions according to your needs.
  • The closed loop by servo-valve on the injection as standard across the entire range allows great precision and repeatability.

  • Ceramic heater bands and barrel insulation protection for better temperature stability and efficiency reducing energy consumption.
  • Screw driven by high torque hydraulic motor (electric motor available as an option)
  • The entire range of machines is equipped with a patented servo-motor-pump system which provides the necessary pressure and flow at a high response rate for energy savings comparable to all-electric injection presses.

Control system

  • Intuitive interface on 21″ 100% touch screen
  • “SPC”, “QDP” functionality, graphics pages, energy saving optimization page.
  • Possibility of cycle management by “sequencer” function, programming of free cores.


  • Various options can be added to the range such as: integrated mold heating zones, shutt off check valve control, hydraulic or pneumatic shutt off nozzle, retractable tie bars, magnetic platens, etc…
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