FF Series

Innovative plastic injection using electrical technology, the answer to today’s market needs.
Available from 900 kN to 13800 kN

FF: ensemble à genouillères
Patin de plateau mobile


  • The clamping unit uses Tie-Bar Free (TBF) technology, reducing any friction and improving the fluidity and the stabiliy of the movements and providing significant energy savings.
  • Prismatic rail guidance (TLGS), for faster mold opening and closing movements, increasing the weight capacity of the molds.
  • Double linear-guide injection unit design for optimum precision and speed of movement, and stability of carriage force over time.
  • SCD (Servo Direct Control) system, faster response time for plasticizing, injection, mold opening and closing movements.
  • Fully automated lubrication system for clamping and injection.
  • Integrated servo-pump unit (standard), for control of auxiliary functions.
  • Intuitive interface on 100% 21″ touch screen.
  • SPC”, “QDP” functionality, graphics pages, energy-saving optimization page.
  • Sequencer function for cycle management, free cores programming.


  • Various options can be added to the range such as: integrated mold heating zones, shutt off check valve control, hydraulic or pneumatic shutt off nozzle, retractable tie bars, magnetic platens, etc…


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