A5 Series

Servo motor performance for maximum productivity and minimum energy consumption.
Available from 300 kN to 10000 kN


High-performance, repeatable, robust, economical.

  • Latest-generation servo-motor drive for energy savings of 40 to 50% compared with other conventional hydraulic machines.
  • 5-point toggle clamping unit for excellent parallelism and uniform clamping force.
  • Servo-valve closed-loop control of opening and closing movements.
  • Servo-valve closed-loop control of injection movements.
  • Intuitive 21″ 100% touchscreen interface.
  • SPC”, “QDP” functionality, graphics pages, energy-saving optimization page.
  • Possibility of cycle management via sequencer function.


  • Various options can be added to the range such as: integrated mold heating zones, shutt off check valve control, hydraulic or pneumatic shutt off nozzle, retractable tie bars, magnetic platens, etc…
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