DCIMPro Direct Compounding Injection Molding

Compounding of materials directly on the injection screw.

The CDS (Compound Delivery System)

– Combination of compounding and injection molding machine.
– CDS (Compound Delivery System) which can be combined with the 4 YIZUMI series or other brands.
– Reduction in production costs of up to 24% depending on the machine and the volume of the part.
– Gravimetric dosing and weighing system for products.
– 4 references of CDS 34/68/102/136 with increasing injectable volumes.


For your production and parts
– No drying of materials required (energy savings and more stable production).
– Up to 30% improvement in plastification performance during operation of the machine combined with a CDS system.
– Processing of recycled materials without intermediate steps for the preparation of the material.
– Reduction of expensive additives.
– Production of plastic parts with optimized material combinations.
– Flexible production in combination with the CDS system or without.


An industrial application: real-time compounding of a polymer based on PLA (polylactic acid) and additives in order to supply a 160t A5 press for biodegradable glass injector.

En images

Stand-alone unit

Reduction of carbon dioxide – Adapted for recycling

Connection between the CDS and the injection machine

Dosing and weighing stations & powder dust suction device

Biodegradable plastic coffee cup

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