The full range of bi-material configurations has been developed on our machines to meet different applications.

FF MultiPro

From 90t to 1380t, our MultiPro electric injection moulding machines cover all bi, tri and four-material processes that can integrate our rotary platens and our digital rotary turn tables.

A5 MultiPro

From 60t to 1000t the A5 range allows you a wide choice of configuration type: oblique superimposed W, parallel P, lateral L, vertical V and frontal M.

DP & D1 MultiPro

From 500t to 4000t, the two-platen range allows you to develop bi-material products for large parts or tools which require significant space between tie bars. The MultiPro range offers 5 different types of injection unit configurations (MultiPro M-W-V-L-P

Bi -matière version W sur DP1500t

MultiPro rotary turn tables

Our rotary turn tables adapt to your tools and the complexities of your processes for the overmolding of parts and the injection of several materials by integrating rotations in the mold.

MultiPro rotary platens

Rotary platens are integrated into all our MultiPro machines which adapt to the different rotation kinematics of the mold.

MultiPro horizontal platens

An additional fixed or rotary platen combined with several injection units is a response to the search for productivity (MultiPro M from 900t to 3200t).

MultiPro independent injection units

Adding an injection unit to a single material or already a multi-material machine allows you to easily transform your current equipment and design parts with several functions in one molding cycle, reducing investment costs.

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FF Bi Material


Injection unit W type configuration

Entraxe Nozzle on W type configuration

Fixe Platen design of the W type Configuration

Rotary Schaft on FF

Rotary platen on FF & A5

Drive motor rotary platen FF & A5

Servo moteur Plateau tournant

5 MultiPro configurations FF

FF bi material

W configuration in V on DP1500t

Bi -matière version W sur DP1500t

Rotary platen on DP

Rotary platen on DP1500t bi-material DP

plateau rotatif sur DP 1500T bi-matière

Rotary platen on DP

Slider of the mobile platen DP

Rotary platen (back side view ) on DP1500t DP

Rotary shaft on DP

Quadri Colors on DP

W configuration + independent electric unit on A5 V configuration

Independent electric unit

Configuration P+L FF & A5

Configuration P+L FF & A5

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Configuration V



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